BlackStack Brewing Barely Street Legal DDH IPA

With the current shutdown and shelter-at-home, I’ve found myself frequently wandering the streets, enjoying a cigar and brew. Though our state doesn’t have a public drunkenness law, it’s still not totally legal to wander around drinking. Maybe that’s why BlackStack Brewing Barely Street Legal was created? For a time when the streets has become a public pastime.

Barely Street Legal

A double dry-hopped IPA collaboration with Eighteenth Street Brewery, Barely Street Legal is dank and delicious BlackStack Brewing badassery. Packed with plenty of hop hits, it’s full of fruity flavors, legal or not.

It pours like hazy juicy delight. Brilliant bright straw with a touch of frothy white foam atop. There’s something about the look that makes it clear that hop-heads will find this one delicious.

Big aroma of pineapple, apricot, peach, and light mango. Tons of tropical fruit fun with a nice sweetness.

Citra and Strata in the whirlpool and dry-hop additions of Experimental #07270 impart huge pineapple flavor, with a touch of mango and bit of dankness. Juicy fruit into the aftertaste, and then it dries out nicely.

Drinking In The Streets

It’s always awesome to see two great brewers get together. Barely Street Legal is a wonderful collaboration of hop happiness, with tantalizing fruit aroma and flavor. BlackStack Brewing and Eighteenth Street Brewery created a crushable, yet full-flavored hop-heavy tropical fruit treat with Barely Street Legal.

Pop by the BlackStack Brewing taproom and order crowler delivery action of Barely Street Legal now. It’s best enjoyed when one shouldn’t be out in the streets (though tasty during those times too). Please sip at home.