Bottle of Bent Paddle Brewing Double Shot Double Black 2021 sitting next to a snifter glass of dark beer.

Some years ago a couple of awesome brewer friends and their amazing significant others (even more skilled than they are) formed one of the best breweries in the state. From the initial opening, they’ve continued to craft awesome but approachable beers. Their Cold Press Black Ale has been pumped up to create Double Shot Double Black. This 2021 Bent Paddle Brewing beer is the best of the bunch.

Double Shot Double Black 2021

When I started drinking craft beer, it was shortly after turning 21 and going into Rock Bottom Brewery in Minneapolis. Todd Haug was their head brewer and went on to start Surly Brewing and continue to crush it at Three Floyds Brewing. When he left, Bryon Tonnis came in and didn’t miss a beat, crafting interesting and complex brews from his time at Twin Ports Brewing and before. Colin Mullen brewed at Barley Johns Brew Pub, a spot I found myself hanging out at multiple nights a week (after my time at Rock Bottom multiple nights a week), enjoying their amazing brews. We attended the same high school, had some mutual friends, and hung in similar crowds.

It’s been amazing that these two started a brewery together and their significant others have brought it to the top of the craft scene in countless ways. Laura has continued to show her amazing ability to bring people in for a wonderful time together and Karen has created a wonderful space where everyone feels welcome. They’re really the best people you’ll ever meet.

Thick viscous liquid pours from the bottle and slides into the snifter. A deep brown foam fills the top of the glass and settles with time, leaving just a bit of lacing near the top of the liquid.

Roasted and bitter malt hit the nose, along with coffee, vanilla, milk chocolate, and a distance touch of boozy bourbon.

Think silky malt fills the mouth, bringing sweet light caramel and roasted malt with a touch of coffee bitterness blended with the burnt malt touch. The creaminess comes in the middle, smoothing out an already smooth brew with notes of creamy vanilla. The initial light sweetness dries quickly into the aftertaste, where notes of bourbon appear near the throat. Coffee with thick cream and a bit of bourbon is what it all ends like.

It’s highly complex and gets even more wonderful as it warms. Sip after sip, you find more and more layers within this brew.

Better Each Year

I was at Bent Paddle when they opened their doors years ago. Cold Press Black Ale has been awesome from the start and the first time they amped it up into Double Shot Double Black it was even more lovely. While every yearly release has been delicious, this one is the most well-balanced, complex, and yet easy-drinking of all.

Grab a couple of bottles of Bent Paddle Double Shot Double Black 2021 while you can. Drink one fresh and lay a couple down to enjoy in 6 months and 1 year from now. It’s an amazing beer for the best of times.