Every year, this beer may just be the most anticipated widely distributed DIPA release around.  Hopheads love Bell’s HopSlam. At 10% and with a little honey added to attentional sweetness that imparts a nice dryness too, this beer hides that alcohol until you’ve put down a couple bottles at which point you’re much slower getting up to go get another.

This past year I made it a point to consume my case of this brew before it started to fade.  In previous years I haven’t been good at drinking my HopSlam allotment quick enough.  Although it doesn’t become bad by any means, it does start to lose a bit of it’s greatness.  In less than a month, I consumed my case plus a couple bottles here and there.  This year I’m skipping buying bottles as I just haven’t been drinking at home although I did enjoy it on tap a couple times and on cask also.

2 years ago I brought 1/2 a case of HopSlam up to my friend’s grandparent’s place (what else do you drink when you’re going snowmobiling).  His grandma who normally drinks Michelob Ultra Light with ice cubes in it thought it was pretty good.  Should have let her have a whole bottle.