Bell's Brewery Mercury

For most craft beer drinkers, the arrival of a new beer is a special thing. Something tasty and new that we’ve never experienced before makes us curious and excited. What’s better than just one beer? How about a whole series of 7 beers with a common theme? The Bell’s Brewery Planet Series brings us just that. With 7 brews, it offers plenty to look forward to. Though not the first and far from the last, Mercury was a tasty one.

Bell’s Brewery Mercury is a Belgian single and was released around December of 2014. The 3rd beer in the 7 brew series, the Planets Series is inspired by Gustav Holst’s seven-movement orchestral suite, “The Planets”. This beer is light at 4.8% ABV. Just like the planet it’s named for, Mercury is a pale straw color. It’s has a nice bready Belgian malt body with notes of herbal hops and a touch of spice from the Belgian yeast. A fruity pear flavor is present in the fairly dry aftertaste.

More is almost always better and an entire 7 beer series is a very better thing. Bell’s Mercury is a well made Belgian brew with great flavor and a sessionable drinkability. Like the planet itself, your chance to see it may have passed unless you know just where to look, but there are others rotating through until July 2015. Check out your local liquor store and see the Bell’s Planets Series for yourself.

Mercury from Bell's Brewery