Barrel Theory Rain Drops

Hazy IPAs have grabbed the craft beer world and despite the complaints from some brewers and upset old beer curmudgeons, it’s shown no sign of being a passing fad. With so many jumping on the hazy-train, it’s sad to see how many miss the mark when it comes to creating the killer NE-style IPAs. Since their inception, Barrel Theory Brewing Company in St. Paul has crushed with their lineup of cloudy hop hits. Rain Drops is their signature, and it showcases what the style is all about.

Rain Drops NE IPA

As far as hazy IPAs go, this one helps set the bar in the Minnesota market. Barrel Theory Rain Drops has been on the menu since they opened and showcases two of the best hop varieties for the style.

Pouring a very hazy beautiful golden straw color with a frothy white head atop, the foam settles and leaves behind a bit of lacing clinging to the walls of the glass.

The nose makes it clear right away that hops are king here. Big notes of citrus with pineapple, apricot, and a touch of dankness on the end.

Taste time is so divine. Huge hop flavor without the bitterness. Citrus, mango, pineapple, and light berry notes. A silky malt body balances things nicely, while still allowing the hops to shine, and a soft water profile makes it so gentle on the tongue. There’s just a touch of hop bite at the end, which plays nicely with the super smoothness until that point.

With bright haze and brilliant showcasing of Citra and Mosaic hops, Rain Drops is everything one would want in a NE IPA. It’s packed with hop aroma and flavor, without the bitterness, and drinks with delicious ease.

Rain Down

It took some time for the midwest to catch up the east coast, in terms of NE IPA action but Barrel Theory has consistently been spot-on for style with brews like Rain Drops and many more. It shows the awesome brewing abilities of Timmy and team.

Check out Rain Drops and the many other wonderful brews at Barrel Theory Brewing Company in St. Paul, MN. It’s a must for any hop head.