Snifter glass full of beer next to a bottle of Barrel Theory Fourth on a table.

Time goes fast. I still remember my first visit to Barrel Theory on opening day. And subsequent visits twice more that week. In celebrating 4 years, they made an imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with pecan, vanilla, coconut, chocolate, & cinnamon in collaboration with The Eighth State Brewing. Here’s a look at Barrel Theory Fourth.


Midnight black liquid fills the snifter glass. Even with a hard pour almost no head forms and what little does disappears nearly instantly.

The nose is heavy with rich milk chocolate and coconut. Smooth bourbon and a touch of caramel mingle into the mix too.

Motor oil thick malt coats the mouth with flavors of sweet milk chocolate, coconut, and creamy vanilla. A light spice of cinnamon comes in before the bourbon in the aftertaste. Sweet chocolate and coconut continue to linger long after each sip.

Sadly, it seems the pecan is absent here. Even without it, this is a hugely delicious liquid dessert. The 12% ABV only makes itself known in the big body.

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Barrel Theory has always been know for its great imperial stout action enhanced with additions like chocolate and coconut. Their bourbon barrel stout action ups the ante even more.

Anniversaries are always something to celebrate. It was great to be there and celebrate Barrel Theory’s anniversary with friends. Here’s to many more years of awesome beers.