Barrel Theory Cryptocurrency

Anyone with financial smarts knows Bitcoin is a bad investment. Instead, put your money into something that’ll pay off handsomely. A brilliant beer! Barrel Theory Cryptocurrency hazy double IPA is a winning investment.

Cryptocurrency Hazy Double IPA

A fool and his money are soon parted. But there’s nothing foolish about investing in a glass of Barrel Theory Cryptocurrency. This hazy double IPA is filled with tropical fruit hop aroma and flavor, sure to pay dividends on your up-front investment in a pint.

Pouring a deep hazy golden straw with a frothy white head, the foam slowly settles and leaves the walls of the glass coated in wispy lacing dancing about.

Nose into it and bright notes of abundant citrus assault the senses. Juicy pineapple, lemon and orange, and a touch of mango. A bit of acidic citrus bite is present in the aroma too.

Take a taste and you’ll find Cryptocurrency packed with tropical hop flavors. Big juicy ripe pineapple, a touch of mango, orange and light lemon, and juicy fruit. There’s a sturdy mouthfeel and enough malt to balance the big hop bill of Citra and Strata. Just a touch of acidic citrus bitterness in the end, before smoothing out into distant tropical notes in the aftertaste. It’s big, juicy, and slightly sweet upfront, and then dries out nicely after each sip.

Invest Wisely

You could risk your finances in silly Mario money that sees more volatility than a tweaking meth head trying to disable a bomb while simultaneously quitting cold turkey, or you can put your pesos into a something that really pays off. Cryptocurrency hazy double IPA is delicious fruition of huge fruity hop helpings. Premium yield on your purchase price.

Pop by the Barrel Theory taproom and put your US dollars into Cryptocurrency. It’s in investment you’re sure to see an immediate return on.