Glass of Barrel Theory Brewing DDH Stratasphere IPA sitting on a bar.

Strata is one of the best newer hops on the market. Filled with fruity tropical flavors, it’s awesome for a hazy IPA. Taking their Stratasphere and doubling down with the hazy hop action, Barrel Theory Brewing DDH Strataphere is hazy and heaven-sent.

DDH Stratesphere

The Barrel Theory crew knows their hazy hop action. They killed it with Stratasphere and kicked it up even more with this double dry-hopped action. Fruity and beautiful it’s everything hazy hops should be.

It pours a deep golden yellow, with a frothy white head forming on top. The bubbles settle a bit and leave layers of sticky lacing on the walls of the snifter glass. It glows and it’s gorgeous.

Sweet papaya, non-bitter grapefruit, orange, sweet tangerine, and just a touch of lemon hits the nose. It’s full of fragrant fruit and a lovely brew to sit and sniff.

Silky smooth beer slides across the tongue. There’s enough malt here to support the big hops but still allow them to be the star. Just a touch of malt sweetness is followed quickly by piles of tropical hop flavor. Mango, papaya, a touch of orange, sweet pineapple, and grapefruit. There’s just a touch of bubblegum and a hint of dankness in the distance.

It’s delicious drinking, with so soft a mouthfeel, great sweetness that then dries at the end. Such perfect IPA action.


Barrel Theory took their awesome hazy IPA and amped it up with even more dry-hopped Strata hop action. DDH Stratasphere is over the top with fruity hop aroma and flavor. So smooth in the mouth and huge in taste. It’s a beautiful showcase of Strata hops.

Stop into the brewery and grab a double pint of DDH Stratasphere. It’s so Strata.

Glass of beer sitting next to a crowler of Barrel Theory Brewing DDH Stratasphere IPA.