Barrel Theory Brewing Black Lotus 2.0

How do brewers take a beer and make it better? One way is to amp it up and that’s just what Barrel Theory Brewing has done with Black Lotus 2.0. Here’s a look at this lovely lotus.

Black Lotus 2.0

More body, more alcohol, more coconut all bring Black Lotus imperial milk stout to the next level. Just like Web 2.0 brought huge changes to the online world, Black Lotus 2.0 builds on the existing, with even more of what makes it so great.

Thick jet-black liquid fills the glass and a bubbly deep-brown top of foam forms. The bubbles eventually fall and leave the walls of the glass painted in wispy strokes of lacing and a ring of foam around the top of the brew.

Sweet and toasted coconut aroma fills the nose. Sweet milk chocolate and just a hint of creamy lactose. It’s wonderful to sit and sniff.

Velvety chocolate milk malt slides across the tongue, bringing a nice sweetness and creamy lactose. It’s silky smooth and coats everything in the mouth. The coconut comes through nicely, as they’ve switched things up a bit with a blend of 3 different coconuts types. The lactose amplifies the creaminess of the coconut, which has a delicious Mounds Bar flavor.

While the body is big, it’s not overpowering. This beer has been turned up to 10.1% ABV but the alcohol doesn’t make itself known. It’s lovely.

Level Up Black Lotus

Often taking something great and cranking it up doesn’t work. What makes it special gets lost in the added noise. Not the case with Black Lotus 2.0. It takes all that makes the original excellent and amplifies them, without loss of fidelity. More smooth milk chocolate, more creamy coconut, more body. It’s bigger and better in every way.

Get into Barrel Theory Brewing now to try Lotus to the next level with Black Lotus 2.0.