Pint glass of beer next to a crowler of Arbeiter Brewing Crispi IPA sitting on a wood table.

Since they first opened late last year, Arbeiter Brewing has shown they make wonderful lagers. And no other US craft brewer even comes close to the history of August Schell’s Brewing and their long lineage of lager expertise. Jace Marti, son of the family owner of Schell’s, paired up with the Arbeiter Brewing crew to create Crispi IPA. Here’s how this collab creation tastes.

Crispi IPA

The first of Arbeiter’s new Lager Collaboration Series, this beer is a lager take on the Cold IPA style. They also used the dip hopping technique, to impart hop aroma without the vegetative flavors that often accompany it.

Poured into a glass from the crowler, it’s a golden copper color, crystal clear, with a loose foamy white head. The foam settles and dashes of lace stick to the walls of the glass.

Fruity notes of pineapple, light peach, mango, and a touch of orange fill the nose. There’s also a hint of malt sweetness.

Smooth light malt comes across the tongue as fruity hop notes appear. There’s a touch of hop bite late and then things are clean on the aftertaste. It’s crisp and easy to drink. Plenty of flavor without overwhelming the tastebuds.

Lovely Lager

Jace Marti has shown created amazing brews throughout his career. From Schell’s to the Starkeller, and now on to his latest adventure with Black Frost Distilling, he’s a wonderful craftsman. Aaron has shown great brewing abilities during his time at Town Hall Brewery and now running the show at Arbeiter. Pair these two together and they created a delicious mashup of lager-IPA hybrid.

Pop into Arbeiter Brewing to grab a pint of Crispi IPA and taste all these amazing brewers ferment for us.