Snifter glass of dark beer next to a crowler of Barrel Theroy Brewing Black Lotus 2.0.

Without a doubt, this is my favorite brew from Barrel Theory Brewing. 10.1% ABV of milk stout meets coconut. I don’t like coconut in general, but I love it in beer. And this beer is the best of the blends.

I Pull Up In The Black Lotus 2.0

It looks like oil pouring from the can. A big medium-brown head of tight and tiny bubbles. With time, the form settles and leaves just a touch of its previous existence on the sides of the glass.

Sweet milk chocolate and coconut fill the nose. There’s some coffee, a touch of bitter dark chocolate, creamy caramel, and a dab of toffee in there. Then the fresh coconut takes over. Sweet and brilliant, with some vanilla and cream.

Silky smooth malt slides across the tongue, coating everything in its wake with milk chocolate, a touch of coffee, and brief caramel. Then the coconut. Oh, the coconut. So creamy and perfect, dancing with the chocolate and creaminess of the milk stout. There’s vanilla and even a hint of oak, despite it not being barrel-aged.

Your Plaques Are Bogus

This beer is the best. Despite having a fridge full of wonderful beer at home, and so many other amazing offerings on the tap list, it’s the reason I travel to St. Paul to enjoy so many great brews and hopefully bring a crowler home.

Head to Barrel Theory Brewing in St. Paul and enjoy their many wonderful brews. Have a Black Lotus 2.0 and bring a crowler home too. Just make sure to leave me some.