612 Brew Main Stage

While IPAs, imperial stouts, sours and other big flavored beers have been the hype for some years now, it seems session beers are a growing presence. Is is great news for those of us looking to enjoy several beers while we’re out and not have to worry about what kind of condition we’ll be in when we have to drive home. 612Brew has introduced a very nice brew with Main Stage Amber Ale that offers plenty of flavor along with a low enough alcohol content to enjoy a few without waking up with a hangover.

Main Stage Amber Ale blends caramel, Munich, and Victory malts for a nice medium body and a low hop profile along with an ABV of 4.5%. Plenty of flavor from the malt combo with a light biscuity flavor and plenty of smooth light caramel.

Stop in and enjoy this Amber while it rocks the stage at 612Brew. Be ready to throw some dollars at it and spend the night courting a few. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

Get your wallets out. You’re about to fall in love. This Amber ale has a great body and complex character from the Caramel, Munich, and Victory malts. Low-hops and low-alcohol, so you can enjoy several throughout the night, this Amber looks great seated next to you and you can tell, really likes you. The song is almost over.

Time to order another from the Main Stage.

4.5% ABV 31 IBU 14 SRM