For keeping your precious beer cold on the go, you need a cooler. But we don’t always need the big guns. Sometimes something smaller and slimmer is far more in order. A cooler that won’t take up a ton of room but still lets you bring the party. The ZeeCoolers slim cooler is just the thing for your beer transport needs.

Slim Down With The ZeeCoolers

There’s a cooler perfect for every party and the ZeeCoolers is allows you to bring beer, without the bulk.

About the size of a laptop bag, it carries plenty of beer for most occasions. Even though it’s small, this cooler holds 10 cans of 12oz beer, 8 tallboy 16oz cans, or 6 bottles of 12oz beer. It’ll also fit 3 bigger 750ml or 22oz bottles.

The padded inner liner keeps you precious cargo safe on the journey and the insulated body keeps things cool. Quick freeze ice packs will help your beer keep cool longer when travel time increases. Since it doesn’t use traditional ice, there’s no leaks or wet mess to clean up.

As it doesn’t look like a traditional cooler, it’s much more discrete. Great for when you need to bring the brew without the attention a bulky cooler can attract.

It’s lightweight, making it a breeze to transport anywhere. This thing weighs nothing compared to many coolers which can weigh 30lbs or more when completely empty. The shoulder strap makes hands-free carrying simple too.

Cool On The Go

Not every destination requires a giant cooler. Most of the time we’re just looking to bring along some personal libations, and maybe a few extra to share. For those journeys, the ZeeCoolers is a slimmed-down solution that’s perfect for the job. It keeps your beer cool and safe, in a compact package.

Grab one to keep your beer cold wherever you go by heading to Amazon and ordering a ZeeCoolers now. It’s the perfect travel companion for all your craft brews.

ZeeCooler Slim Cooler