WK Bottle Opener Knife

Craft. It’s the first word in “craft beer” and a look at linguistics shows how we frequently fall in love with the ideals of the many things we identify with. There’s something magical about those things made from hand, especially in a society that’s become so automated and machine-made. We see the dedication to craft in the details of the WK Bottle Opener Knife from Winkler Knives.

Winkler Knives

While many of the big craft brewers are now automated, the vast majority are still hand-made. Quality and hands-on craftsmanship have a huge part in the products we partake in. When it comes to the utilitarian objects in our lives, it’s no different. We want knives with soul and a personal touch. WK Bottle Opener Knife offers exactly that, in a perfect-sized package.

Measuring about 6″ long, the WK Bottle Opener Knife is perfect for nearly everything. It’s crafted to be easy to carry, able to take on most jobs, while also being effortless to bring along anywhere.

Daniel Winkler became a full-time knifemaker in 1988 and was accredited from the American Bladesmith Society as a Master Bladesmith in 1993. For over 30 years, perfected knife making. Their knives are true artisan creations, made at their shop in Northwestern North Carolina.

The WK Bottle Opener Knife is made from 80CrV2 steel. It has a beautiful black-oxide treatment, that also helps impede rust. The point is, this thing looks awesome.

And then we get to the utility. Not only is it one of the sharpest blades out there (sadly, ask me why I know), but it also has a function that every beer fan will love. The WK Bottle Opener Knife features a beer bottle opener on the backend. It makes it simple to pop bottles and like a good mullet, offers the beautiful ability to cut through any situation upfront.

A Cut Above

It’s hard not to understate how great the WK Bottle Opener Knife looks and feels in-person here. Though smaller in stature, it looks great with the black oxide finish and feels perfect when you slide it from the sheath and hold it in your hand.

If you want a beautiful blade that is ready for everyday opportunities and fits perfectly in the hand, plus can pop as many beer bottles as you throw at it, the WK Bottle Opener Knife is a must-have. Check out WK Knives and the amazing hand-made products they offer. Seriously, a cut above all the rest.

Winkler Bottle Opener Knife