The Whale Pod Beer Shipper

While local beer options keep getting better, sometimes the only way to get your hands on a brew you crave is to trade for it. Keeping that precious cargo safe in transit can be challenging and you don’t want to risk any lost liquid. To keep your beer safe, you need Whale Pod craft can shippers. Here’s why they’re so awesome.

The Whale Pod

The Whale Pod is much more than just a sturdy box for your beer. It’s a specialized shipping container made just for transporting craft cans across country.

The pod features a foam shell to keep your cans safe. The thick foam has room for 12 cans per pod and works with both 12oz and 16oz. Special tabs on the top piece of foam can be flipped down to keep smaller 12oz cans secure, and you can mix and match both sizes in the same package.

Printed on the top flap of each Whale Pod is a map of the United States. You can use it to keep track of everywhere the pod has traveled, carrying great beer within. No longer will you wonder about all the places your well-worn beer containers have seen.

I know you’re thinking that reused Amazon box with some packaging material will get the job done for less, but Whale Pods are far better suited for the job. They offer better protection, are custom sized for their contents, and they’re inexpensive. Ordering a 5-pack works out to only about $9 a pod. A small price to pay to know your liquid cargo is safe as can be.

Perfect Beer Packaging

Worry about the safe delivery of your beer boxes simply isn’t worth it. Why not go with an option you know will protect your badass beers? Shipping or receiving, the peace of mind is well worth it and trading partners are always happy to see some well packaged cans.

Keep your next beer mail safe. Pick up a pack of Whale Pod Craft Can Shippers now.