Shine Craft Beer Vessels

Growlers are great.  Those half-gallons of goodness let us take beer from our favorite local breweries almost anywhere with us.  While the glass jugs we’re most familiar with are a cost-effective way to package most brews, they certainly have potential for problems too.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that has almost shed a tear when those bottles break and our brew ends up everywhere but in our bellies.  They also don’t seal the best sometimes and can leave things a bit flat.  All of our worries are gone with better growler technology.  The Wander and Rumble Growler from Shine Craft Vessel Co. is the growler you desire.

Built from 23 gauge, 304 food-grade, single-walled stainless steel, the Wander and Rumble Growler is the perfect way to carry your favorite craft beer.  It’s deep-treaded cap keeps your growler tightly sealed so it won’t leak beer all over your backseat or let the precious bubbles out.  Each growler has a great finish on it that’ll last for years and stand up to plenty of abuse.  There’s no worry of breaking this growler like it’s wimpy glass cousin.  Each growler comes painted with the standard government warnings required by all breweries in order to fill a growler and many states allow any vessel with such warnings to be filled (Minnesota recently made this change too).

A great reusable growler that can be filled at all of your favorite breweries and will last for years is something all craft beer fans should own.  In addition to looking great and lasting forever, a portion of the sale from every Wander and Rumble Growler is donated to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition so you can feel good not just about your beer, but your growler too.  Check out all of the great colors Shine Craft Vessel Co. has to offer and order your Wander and Rumble Growler today.

Waner And Rumble Growler