Two Fisted Drinking Mug

We love beer. We want more of it. At times the best solution to this problem is to have more than one at a time. Aaaah, two fisting it. There’s no better way to enjoy doubly as much of a great thing than by cracking two beers at once. But two fisting isn’t without its own problems. Having two beers means your hands are full. There’s no using the other hand to shovel chips into your mouth. Your problems are solved with the Two Fisted Drinker.

The Two Fisted Drinker solves the problem of two fisting. It allows you to still enjoy two beverages at once, while only using one hand to do so.

Invented by a man with just one fist (seriously, he was born without a second), the two beverage receptacles are connected to allow easy flow from one side to the other in an almost hypnotic transition from side-to-side. With both sides connected, there’s no worry about dumping your tasty beverage out of one side of the mug while drinking from the other. It allows two fisted drinking with style.

From time to time, we all have to two fist it. Two is almost always better than one and that’s certainly true with our favorite beverage. For those looking to have a couple drinks at a time, the Two Fisted Drinker is the perfect way to enjoy them without having to tie up both hands doing so. If you want to two fist with one fist, get over to their website and order yourself a Two Fisted Drinker today.