Warm beer. Do you think there is someone out there that really likes it? One sick individual with tastebuds long dead that enjoys a non-cold one? For the rest of us, a properly chilled beer is part of what is so enjoyable about a nice brew. We’ve all had times when we have a beer that isn’t ideally cooled. You can make sure your brew is always nice and cold with the TurboCool.

The TurboCool quickly chills your beer cans down to just the right temp without batteries or electricity. Simply put your can of brew in the TurboCool along with some ice and water and pump it for about a minute to cool it down to the perfect drinking temp. The TurboCool is great for in the woods or tailgating as it requires no power but that provided by your arms pumping it. No need for a huge cooler to pack a weekend worth of craft beer cans and keep them cool. The cans aren’t shaken while inside so your beverage is ready to drink as soon as you’re down chilling it. It’s perfect for on the boat where space is at a premium as a bit of cold water from the lake and a small handful of ice will return a cold brew.

Warm beer is something no one wants to mess with. Make sure you can cool your cans anytime and anywhere with the TurboCool. The company is currently funding the production of this beer gadget and hopes to start shipping soon. Get over to their Kickstarter project and get yourself a TurboCool while helping to make this happen. Checkout their Kickstarter page here.