Get togethers always seem to involve games.  In the summer things like bags, ladder ball, horse shoes, bocce ball, and many more.  The only issue seems to be keeping score, especially when you get a couple of your favorite craft brews in you.  Fear not for this problem is solved by the Scorzie.  The Scorzie not only keeps your beer cold but it also has 2 handy score-keeping rings that allow you to keep tally on the score of any game up to 21.  The folks at Scorzie were nice enough to send me one and it’s great.

The Scorzie is made of solid feeling aluminum construction that keeps your beer cold and insulates your brew with a nice inner liner.  The bottom has a non-slip disc to keep it from sliding and dumping your beverage.  The score rings click into place went turned so you don’t have to worry about accidentally giving your opponent extra points while enjoying a drink.  With Christmas coming, the Scorzie is a great inexpensive gift idea for all your friends.