Father’s Day is this Sunday. You don’t want the same boring old stuff people get their pops every year. He’s an awesome guy that made an amazing contribution to your life. Recognize that by giving him something special that’s as unique as he is. The Rare Beer Club is the perfect Father’s Day gift. Here’s why it’s so special.

The Rare Beer Club

Why settle for a gift only on Father’s Day, when you can give him something special each month. The Rare Beer Club will ship your dad a special selection of beer every month. 

The club curates an amazing selection of beer. These aren’t stuff you’ll frequently find on shelves. Many of the beers are created just for the club, from world-renowned breweries like The Lost Abbey, Fantôme, and many others. They do a great job of making sure the monthly offerings are varied in style and region (or even country), so your dad doesn’t get bored.

Before each shipment, members get an email detailing the next selections. They can opt to take both, or customize things. Don’t care for one of the brews or want to double up on the other? You got it. Want to trade one out for a beer from last months shipment? No problem. You only get the beers you want, and you can even skip a shipment if there’s nothing that suits your tastes. 

The ability to order extra bottles of previous releases your dad loved is awesome. Many of their brews are great for cellaring and he can stock up on the ones he really enjoyed.

The Best Father’s Day Gift

Picking the perfect Father’s Day gift can be hard but The Rare Beer Club is the easy way to knock it out of the park. Give dad the gift that delivers amazing special brews to his doorstep each month. We’re sure he’ll think of what an amazing kid he raised as he raises a glass of exclusive beer every month.

Get your dad the best Father’s Day gift for beer lovers with The Rare Beer Club now, and be sure to check out their other Beer Of The Month Clubs too.