There are so many awesome drinking establishments to explore around town, it’s hard to know where to start. If you need help starting your exploration, The Passport Program can help and get you a great drink deal too!

Joining The Passport Program

Want to get 2-for-1 beverage specials at some of the best bars, restaurants, distilleries, and breweries around town? The Passport Program has you covered.

Slide up to the bar, order the drink shown on that establishments passport page and you’ll get two drinks for the price of one. The $20 passport will more than pay for itself after just a couple visits to participating locations.

Currently available in 9 cities around the US, they’ll help you explore the city and enjoy great drinks along the way. They found the best boozing cities around the country and curated a great selection of drinking establishments in each.

The Minneapolis Passport

The drinking options in the Minneapolis booklet are top notch. A great mix of hot new spots with some of the trendiest new cocktails in town, and well-known names that have a history of great offerings.

They’re all around the city, so you won’t get burnt out in any one area. The table of contents breaks things down by neighborhood, so planning a little bar crawl is easy too.

Hai Hai, Tattersall Distillery, Dalton & Wade, Hi-Lo Diner, St. Genevive, and many more fill the Minneapolis passport pages. 36 spots in all, plus 4 bonus locations on the St. Paul side. There’s no shortage of awesome spots to grab a drink deal. They not only picked places with great drinks but also spots that make for great scenery, an awesome date spot, or nice night out.

Perks-Filled Passport

For those looking for a great way to explore the drinking scene in their city, The Passport Program is the perfect pass to grab a great beverage at an awesome discount.

If you want to get 2-for-1 discounts around town, grab your passport from The Passport program now. Booklets are limited, so when they sell out you’ll have to wait until next season for your chance to save big at some of the best places around town. Get yours now and we’ll meet at the bar for happy hour soon.