The Oak Bottle

We’ve all run out and bought a beer when the brewer finally decided to take our favorite and barrel-age it. The experience of a beverage aged in oak is something different (and often better) than that of the typical drink. Now what if you didn’t have to wait for your favorite brewer to put their beer in a barrel? What if you could oak age your own at home? With The Oak Bottle, you can oak-age any beverage you like.

The Oak Bottle

The Oak Bottle allows you to oak-age any drink. Your favorite IPA or imperial stout. Any spirit or bottle of wine.

Simply pour it inside The Oak Bottle and you’ve got a barrel-aged beverage in just hours. In only 2-48 hours, you can be sipping a nicely barrel-aged drink in your own home.

Unlike small oak barrels which still cost a relatively good amount for their size and require a decent amount of liquid, The Oak Bottle is well priced and can be used with even a single shot of liquor or bottle of beer. They come in three sizes to match the quantity of liquid you’re looking to age.

The Oak Bottle can be used over and over again. It may require a bit longer aging times as it’s used again and again, but should last for years of use when properly cared for.

There are other options for oak-aging your drink such as oak spirals and oak chips, but they don’t bring about oak infusion success as great as The Oak Bottle. The bottle has a far larger surface area in direct contact with the liquid, compared to other options. This means that the oak color and flavors are infused much faster and to a greater degree.

Barrel-Aged Fun

It’s always fun to experiment with the things we drink. That’s part of the reason we became craft beer lovers in the first place. With The Oak Bottle, anyone can oak age with great results in their own home. It’s sure to surprise yourself and guest when you get to taste a delicious drink infused with barrel flavor.

Order yourself The Oak Bottle on Amazon and start oak-aging today.