Craft Notes

The world of craft breweries, distilleries, and beer bars is a wonderful one. With the great growth of these venues in Minnesota, we’ve got plenty of options to choose from. For those looking to explore the local scene and get a great deal, Craft Notes is an awesome way to check out places you may not have made it yet, revisit old favorites, and enjoy plenty of great drink in the process.

Craft Notes is a guidebook that gets you free drinks at numerous breweries and cocktail rooms around the state. Each page offers a bit of information about the brewer, distillery, or bar, along with the address, a suggested drink, and your free beverage. With 12 craft breweries, 3 distilleries, and a couple bars, there’s no shortage of options.

The idea behind Craft Notes isn’t simply discounted drinks. They’ve assembled a great group of Minnesota businesses crafting quality products and want to promote learning about these places. With that learning comes trying a free drink, which they hope will result in a connection with the community and continued support of those local craftsmen. A free drink is great, but it’s even better when it results in the imbiber forming a greater connection with the community of businesses they visit.

In addition to free drinks, Craft Notes is looking to put together some events and other benefits like special happy hours, brewery tours, and art nights. These events will focus on continuing to strengthen the connection to our local crafters and bring together people with a common interest in exploring theses exceptional local businesses.

Our Minnesota craft beer and distilling industry wouldn’t be nearly as vibrant and close-knit if it weren’t for the community that connects them, supports them, and champions them. By highlighting these local businesses, offering a bit of education about what they do and make, and connecting people with these brands, Craft Notes hopes to help form greater support for the local artisans that make our state a great place for craft beer, distilling, and beer bars. Check out Craft Notes, get your guidebook, and begin enjoying the wonderful product of our local crafters are creating. 

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