Beer Of The Month clubs have been around forever. Your father may have signed up for one or gotten a couple boxes as a gift for a holiday present at some point. While they offer a chance to enjoy brews from outside your local selection, they rarely give you the beers you really want. Tavour is a different kind of beer club. There’s how they give craft beer fans what they want.

Pick The Beer You Favor With Tavour

With the standard Beer Of The Month club, members don’t get much choice in what they receive. You select the number of bottles you’d like in each shipment, how many months you want to be a member, the club simply ships whatever happens to be available, and you find yourself with a box full of boring, most of the time.

Tavour does things different. They aren’t a Beer Of The Month club. There are no required quantities to sign up for, no long-term membership, no requirement to buy each month.

Instead of getting a box full of beer that you didn’t have a choice in, Tavour sends you an email featuring a beer every few days. If you’re interest, simply respond letting them know how many you’d like. Just want 1? That’s cool. Want an entire case? You’ve got it. You pick the beers you want and none of those you don’t. It’s a truly custom box of beer goodies you select.

Sweet Shipping and Sipping

Anyone that has shipped beer knows it can get really expensive, really fast. Not to fear with Tavour. They charge a flat rate to ship you the beers you choose, no matter how much you pick. Unlimited bottles for one flat fee.

There have been plenty of times where I’ve been tempted to add additional bottles to a beer shipment, only to find an extra couple increased the shipping costs exponentially. Not cool.

You won’t have to worry about blowing your budget just getting the beer to your door with this service. Instead, you can spend that extra cash on adding more bottles to your box of brews.

It’s awesome because the more bottles you add, the less the shipping cost per bottle. At 12 bottles it may be about a buck a bottle to ship, but order 36 bottles and you’re now paying closer to 35¢ each bottle. More you buy, more you save. That’s a beer deal I can get behind.

Tailor To Your Tastes With Tavour

No one wants to be told what to drink. The ability to choose our beverage is what’s so exciting about going to a craft beer bar and beer stores. Bring that same ability to choose to your beer shipments with Tavour. Select the brews you want (as little or lot as you like) and get the drinks you desire delivered to your door step (as seen below in the package they were nice enough to send my way).

Sign up for Tavour today and start seeing their sweet selection in your inbox each week. There’s no requirement to buy, so why not see what they have to offer. You never know what might come along and you don’t want to miss out. Click here to sign up for Tavour now.

Tavour Shipment