Switch Taps Beer Taps

Tons of craft beer drinkers are homebrewers too.  If you love beer enough to explore all the amazing options out there, why not try your hand at making it yourself too?  It’s easy and fun.  Some of us then move from bottling our brew to kegging it.  Who wouldn’t want fresh beer on tap at home?  Kegerators are awesome.  But the plain old black plastic tap handles most have are boring.  Pieces of tape indicating what’s on tap work fine but they don’t look that great.  Switch Taps interchangeable beer taps let you label what’s on tap in a great looking and easily changeable way.

Switch Taps offers an easy way to show off what you have on tap.  The easily interchangeable beer logos offer a number of common beer styles to label your home-brew.  They will also be offering custom tap labels in the future so you’ll be able to get creative with your handle design.  The easy to use interchangeable taps simply slide into the handle and are held securely in place by a magnet, making changing up your brew easy.  Quick and easy.  While many create custom tap handles of their own, these have a nice standardized look to them and allow for easy switching when you switch kegs.  Switch Taps also offers a growler top option.  These tops are great for making it clear as to what the growlers you brought to a tasting contain.

Homebrewing is a great hobby and all homebrewers really enjoy showing off their brews to their friends.  For those with kegerators at home, the Switch Taps make a great way of presenting your brew options.  They’re easy to use, great looking, and sure to get comments from your friends as they serve up pint after pint of your craft brew.  Head over to the Switch Taps Kickstarter page and help fund this great looking tap handle system.

Switch Taps Interchangable Beer Tap