Swagger Drop Bottle Opener

For craft beer fans, a bottle opener is a must.  Those indispensable little tools help us get to our favorite beverage without getting a mouth full of glass or ending up with our favorite brew all over the kitchen floor.  While a good bottle opener is a must, one that can do more than just pop bottles offers extra usefulness.  For those looking for something small and full of uses, the Swagger Drop may be just the ticket.

The Swagger Drop is much more than just a bottle opener.  It packs 8 common tools into a tiny package.  While it’s up to the task of opening bottles of brew all day, it also does many other tricks.  The tip is a flat-head screwdriver that can also be used for prying The side features a scraper for removing paint and other funk.  The belt cutter hook can be used for cutting cord and small line, and it also packs 6 common hex wrench sizes.  All of these functions on top of opening bottles means the Swagger Drop is a great tool to put on your keychain and have along for anything that may come up.  Made from titanium, it’ll last through many a tough job… like popping all those bottles of beer you plan to drink this summer.

Always having access to a good bottle opener is a must.  Having one that does more than just open bottles makes it even more useful to carry.  The Swagger Drop packs plenty of utility into a small, good looking package along with the bottle opener craft beer lovers need.  The compact design means it can be carried anywhere and it’s always ready when bottles come out.  Head over to the Swagger Drop Kickstarter page and help fund this great little tool.

Swagger Drop Multitool