SS Growler Stainless Steel

A growler.  That magical jug of beer that allows us to take home super fresh craft beer from our favorite local brewery or brewpub.  While these reusable bottles are great to get home, getting them there can be treacherous at times.  The glass on growlers is generally thin and can break, causing your previous brew to be lost.  Additionally, glass isn’t allowed everywhere you might want to go.  The beach or many state forests for example.  Sometimes you need something that won’t break.  The SS, stainless steel growlers are your answer.

Made from food-grade 18/8 stainless-steel can handle abuse.  They have a heavy-duty swing-tops that seal in the fresh brew and keep things from spilling.  Being stainless steel, they weigh less than glass meaning they’re easier to carry.  That weight savings plus the lack of glass construction means you can take them places like the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

Breweries looking for something cool and different from every other brewpub on the block will love the SS Growler.  They’re available custom printed with your brewery name, logo, and whatever else you’d like (including any state or federal required language we all know and love).  Set your brewery apart with easily refillable growlers that look awesome.

Grabbing a growler to go is one of the many great things about visiting a brewery or brewpub.  Being able to take that growler anywhere, without fear of it breaking, is even better.  The SS Growler is a great way to deliver brewery fresh beer in a stylish, heavy-duty, and reusable vessel.  Checkout the SS Growler stainless steel growlers and order yourself one today.

SS Growler Cap