Spine Wallet

A good bottle opener is a tool every craft beer lover should have on them at all times. We have keychains, belt buckles, sandals and other spots that hold bottle openers at the ready for moments notice when we need them. Sadly many of these items aren’t something we carry everywhere we go. Belts get switched up and sandals don’t work in more formal settings (or for those of us that experience winter part of the year). We need something that we carry with us at all times. For most, a wallet is that item. For those looking for a tool that can pop bottles but without the bulk, the Spine Wallet is the smallest wallet on the planet.

The Spine Wallet is made from a piece of grade 5 titanium with a sturdy elastic band. At only 0.04″ thick and weighing in at just 0.7oz, you’ll hardly know it’s there. And the best part, it has a integrated beer bottle opener. The Spine makes it easy to clip all your credit cards, IDs and cash in securely and adds no bulk. The titanium construction means it’s as strong as steel, but weighs 40% less. To pop a brew, simple slide your cards and cash down and you’re ready to open your favorite drink all day. The Spine is awesome for formal events when you don’t want a big wallet ruining your look and you’re looking to carry just the essentials like an ID to prove they should let you have that brew and some cash/card to pay for a few rounds.

Every craft beer fan should carry a bottle opener at all times. Those caught without one often make themselves look silly when trying to open a precious bottle of brew with whatever they can find around them or even miss the opportunity to imbibe on great brew. The Spine Wallet makes it easy to carry a bottle opener with you at all times without the added bulk and keeps your beer money handy too. Head over to the Spine Wallet website and check out the great color finishes available right now.

Spine Wallet Bottle Opener