Spin Chill

There’s nothing quite like a cold beer.  Flavorful and delicious, it really hits the spot on a hot day (or any day).  Though a cold one is always welcome, we’ve all had experiences where we’ve found ourselves with less than cool brew.  We throw the bottles/cans in the freezer and wait for what seems like an eternity for our precious beverage to chill.  What if there was a better way?  There is, with the Spin Chill beer chiller.  A quick spin and you’ve got a cold beer at optimal drinking temp with a quickness.

The Spin Chill uses convection to quickly cool your beer to drinking temperature in no time.  Simply lock your beer bottle or can into the end of the Spin Chill (it also works with soda cans and wine bottles) and spin your brew in a bucket or cooler of water and ice for a minute.  Boom!  Cold beer.  “But then your beer will be all shaken up!”  Nope.  It actually foams less than usual.

What a great device to bring on the boat where space is at a premium.  All you need is a very small cooler of ice and water (plenty of water around the boat, you can actually use it to cool your drinks) and you can chill cases worth of beer in no time.  The Spin Chill is nice and compact so it can be packed for a trip anywhere.  Perfect for when you’re out in the woods and don’t want to haul a cooler along because of the added weight and bulk.  Find a steam and you’ve got cold craft beer.

Plenty of great times will be had with a delicious cold beer but getting that beer cold can be a challenge at times.  The Spin Chill makes cooling your craftbeer to drinking temperature quick and easy.  A quick spin in a cool bath and you’ve got beer that’s ready to drink.  Live with warm beer no longer.  Find out more about how it works and cool your beers in no time with a visit to the Spin Chill website here.