Soberdough Beer Bread

Among those staples in our diet of craft beer are a couple other must haves, like pretzels.  Dating back even further than beer and some believe it to be how beer was happened upon, bread is another key to our diets (sorry those that go gluten-free, no fun for you here).  So what if we put those two key foods together and bake up a delicious combo?  Soberdough lets you bake up wonderful bread made with your favorite beer.

Sober dough is all the nourishment you need and a great way to keep a nice base for a drinking session.  Don’t fancy yourself much of a baker?  No problem.  This bread is super simple to make.  Most of the kits require no more than adding your favorite brew (some require a couple additions like the Buffalovin’ Wing I got, which used the addition of some bleu cheese crumbles), stirring things up and putting it in the oven.  In a short while, you’ve got fluffy, hearty bread that tastes great and has flavors of your favorite beer baked right in.  It’s super easy and really tasty.

Looking to bring something filling and unique to your next beer tasting?  Want to absorb some of that booze you’re consuming?  Bake your own bread beer with Soberdough.  They’re available in a variety of great flavors and even offer monthly and seasonal mixes that are sure to delight.  Check out all of the mixes Soberdough has to offer, and don’t forget that like grilling, baking should be done with a beer in hand too.