Skull Of Doom Beer Stein

To some, glassware is almost as important as the beverage that goes in it.  Well maybe not quite that important but glassware is a big deal.  It can enhance the look, aroma, and flavor of your favorite craft beer.  It can remind you of a special place or maybe it’s just badass and unique.  The Skull Of Doom Beer Stein is that badass glass you’ve been looking for.

Everyone has that glass they love.  Something special or unique.  You don’t get much more unique than the Skull Of Doom Beer Stein.  It holds a full 16oz pint of your favorite brew and is sure to stand out amongst the ubiquitous tumbler pint glasses you see everywhere else.

Fill up this head with a frothy foam head and start drinking.  Get your own Skull of Doom Beer Stein right here.