Side Effect Drinking Game

There are a million drinking games.  From our college years, there are games like quarters, flip cup, beer pong, asshole and a million more.  They’re all good fun when you’re hanging with friends and want to make getting a buzz into a bit more fun.  Want to learn a new game?  One that’s overly complicated and hard to learn?  Side Effect is the drinking game for you!

Side Effect features a bunch of cards and some overly complicated rules to help you do what you already plan on doing tonight, drink.  Better read the instructions while you’re sober because with so many rules, there is no way you’re remember them when you’ve had a couple bottles of brew.  After reading the instructions over twice, it still wasn’t clear how all of the rules worked.  What drinking games general have in common is simple tasks or rules and ones that can still be remembered when you’re shitfaced.  Not Side Effects.  You’ll forget how to play before you finish your first beer.  A drinking game for people that hate themselves.

While drinking games generally bring us together with friends as we laugh and get drunk, Side Effects is likely to be one that will bring you and your friends to blows as you argue over rules that make no sense.  Though it should accomplish the goal of getting drunk, as you down a bunch of beers to ease the pain of attempting to understand the rules.  If you’d like to give it a try, pickup a copy of the Side Effect drinking game on their website.

Side Effect Drinking Game Cards