Rustic Beer Tote

Beer is a very social beverage.  There’s nothing like getting together with a group of friends and sharing some great conversation, great laughs, and great beer.  Craftbeer drinkers often host tastings and other beer get togethers to share their beer and their love for it.  While it’s easy enough to throw your beer in a cardboard 6-pack holder to bring them to a tasting, you want something special, just like the beer you’re drinking.  This Rustic Beer Tote is just the thing to carry your beverages to your next beer event.

The handmade Twig Four Pack Rustic Beer Tote is so much cooler than a wimpy cardboard carrier.  And unlike that cardboard carrier, this tote won’t fall apart when it gets a little wet.  While you may look at this tote and think, “That’s simple.  I can make it myself.”, chances are, you never will.  Everyone says they can make this kinda stuff but the never do.  Made from reclaimed tropical wood, industrial steel wire, and an apple tree twig, the +100 5-star reviews for this thing make it obvious that people love them and the quality is great.

Bringing great beer to a social event is always a nice gesture.  The next time you’re looking to haul a couple brews somewhere, do so in something with much more style and much more unique than the plain ole’ 6-pack holder.  Do so with a sweet holder that’s sure to catch everyones attention.  Grab a handmade Rustic Beer Tote from their Etsy page here.

Twig Four Pack