Rumpl Beer Blankets

Beer koozies are an awesome way to keep your drink cold while you imbibe, but bringing them along for the trek can be difficult at times. For those looking for a koozie they can take anywhere, check out Rumpl Beer Blankets.

Rumpl Beer Blankets

There are tons of koozies out there, but few fold down to pack anywhere like Rumpl Beer Blankets. Known for their super-cool light-weight but warm blankets, Rumpl has taken that same material and made beer koozies from it with Beer Blankets.

Keeping your beer cold is job #1 for any koozie. Rumpl Beer Blankets do that by being designed from the same 20D Ripstop Nylon with DWR that their blankets are. They’re stuffed with 3D Hallow Fiber Synthetic Insulation to keep your beer cool, while you sip.

They pack anywhere thanks to their built-in stash pocket for simple storage. This attached pocket allows them to be tucked into themselves, similar to a sleeping bag. The included snap lets you attach it to your pants-loop or backpack for easy travels. They fold down to the size of a condom and are much more enjoyable to use.

Available in both 12oz and 22oz sizes, you keep not only your precious cans cool, but also bigger bottles. Now there’s no fear of your bomber of brew getting warm while you setup the campsite.

They’re also available in a number of color combos to match your taste or your tent.

Blanketing Your Beer

There are all kinds of awesome beer koozies out there, but few are built to travel as well as Rumpl Beer Blankets. Their super light-weight design and built-in packing pouch make them a top choice for anywhere you travel.

Head over to their site now and grab yourself some Rumpl Beer Blankets for your next trek. Be it to the north woods, or just the local liquor store.

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