Revitalyte Rehydration and Recovery Drink

If you’re a beer drinker, you’ve probably done it. You enjoy a couple too many great brews and wake up the next morning feeling less-than awesome. When hangovers hit, you need to rehydrate to recover. Revitalyte is a rehydration solution filled with many of the things you need to start feeling better after imbibing.

Rehydrating With Revitalyte

There are a million claimed cures for a hangover but what your body needs most after a night of drinking is hydration. Revitalyte helps you replace the electrolytes, zinc, and other minerals lost when you drink alcohol.

Revitalyte offers more of the stuff you need than other common recovery drinks. It’s got more sodium and electrolytes than Gatorade, with far less sugar and carbs. It also has potassium, zinc, and chloride that you won’t find in sports drinks. It’s comparable to Pedialyte but for the 21+ crowd.

Where To Grab Your Recovery

So why not just buy Pedialyte? The problem is we have to go to the grocery store or pharmacy to get it, then make another trip to the liquor store. A second stop significantly decreases the chances you’ll bother grabbing one for the following morning (and ideally drinking half before bedtime).

Revitalyte is available at Minnesota (and soon Wisconsin) liquor stores, so it saves you a trip. Putting your nighttime fun and recovery shopping in one spot makes it more likely you’ll remember to include the recovery part.

Drink To A Better Tomorrow (Morning)

Not every fun night results in a bad morning but we all have a drink or two too many from time to time. By having proper rehydration on hand, we can help ourselves recover faster and get back to the party quicker. Revitalyte can help you make that happen.

Head over to the Revitalyte website and learn more about how it can help and where you can grab a bottle or two. Stay hydrated my friends.

Revitalyte Bottle