Puzzle Pax Six Pack

Six-packs are awesome. Those ubiquitous little paper packages deliver the best brews from the liquor store to our homes filled with craft beer to enjoy. The problem with these packages is that they just don’t last. They get old and rip or wet from the condensation of a cold bottle and fall apart. You need a longer-lasting beer carrier. Problem solved with the PuzzlePax.

The PuzzlePax is a wooden six-pack made to last. Water and time won’t ruin this craft beer carrier. The PuzzlePax arrives as a pile of laser-cut wood pieces ready for assembly. No tools are necessary for assembly. Just snap the pieces together as instructed and you’ve got a sturdy beer carrier that looks really cool. No more wimpy cardboard carriers and worrying that your precious cargo may fall out and break.

In addition to a number of logos and designs offered on the side, custom ordered carriers are available with your own message on the side. These are great for breweries, home brewers, and others that are looking for a really cool way to show off their beer. A brewery offering a special release in custom engraved PuzzlePax carriers is sure to get noticed.

Cardboard six-pack carriers are great for carrying a couple brews from store to home but they just don’t last. Upgrade to something sturdier and cooler. The PuzzlePax is a fun and unique way to carry your craft beer around. Bring it to your next tasting or anywhere you’re looking to bring bottles in style. Check out the PuzzlePax website to see all of their designs and order yours today.

Puzzle Pax