Original Grain Brewmaster Watch

For beer fans, our beverage of choice becomes a part of our lives. Not only in what we consume, but also in the way we dress. While brewery t-shirts and hats are common place, our love of beer can be part of other pieces of our look too. Original Grain Brewmaster watches are a classy way to tell time and integrate a piece of the beverage we love.

Original Grain Brewmaster Watches

Original Grain created a unique timepiece with their Brewmaster collection. Each watch is made with reclaimed wood from a beer barrel, offering a great way to bring your love of beer into another part of your everyday attire.

Using a tempered carbonization process, Original Grain captures the individuality in every piece of barrel. Flame tempering really brings out the wood grain and brushed steel gives them a contemporary look.

Every barrel-aged beer is different, with the wood imparting flavors unique to that particular piece of wood and the toast of the barrel. Each Brewmaster watch has a look as unique as the barrel it was made with too. The grain of that particular barrel imparts a visually unique look on each timepiece.

It’s a timeless style that will be at home in the brewery, beer bar, or boardroom. A cool way to display your connection with the drink you dig.

Beer Barrel Time

Craft beer fans sport a look that represents their love of brew. A watch made with barrels used to age the beverage we love can complete that look in a classic and classy way.

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Original Grain Brewmaster Watch Box