OneKlip Bottle Opener

You know we love bottle openers here.  Unique bottle-cap prying devices that allow us to get at our favorite sudsy beverages.  While single function bottle openers get the job done, it’s nice too when a bottle opener makes it easy to take along with your or serve another function too.  The OneKlip bottle opener does double duty not just popping bottles but it also functions as a money flip or hooks easily on your pants for easy carrying.

The OneKlip bottle opener is made from a single piece of metal and has a magnet to catch the bottle caps (although they claim they haven’t had any issues with it de-magnatizing credit cards, they do offer a magnet-free version too).  The magnet also allows you to stick the OneKlip to a refrigerator or kegerator so it’s always accessible when you need it.  This bottle opener can be used as a money clip to hold credit cards and cash or a chip-clip.  Having a bottle opener when you need it is always something we should all be prepared for and the clip on this opener makes it easy to hook it on your pants too or anywhere you need to have a bottle opener waiting when brew may arise.

The multi-functional nature of the OneKlip makes it more than just a simple bottle opener to pop a beer top.  It serves other utility functions too making it an even more useful tool and one worth carrying with you.  It can hold your beer money and later help you get at all that tasty brew you spent all of your money on.  It’s an item that can be carried with you at all times (don’t leave your money filled clip and bottle opener at home) so you’re never without an opener.  Get your own OneKlip bottle opener by helping to fund their Kickstarter project here.

OneKlip Bottle Opener Money Clip