Northern Ale Guide 2018

We love exploring the world of craft beer! There’s something magical about traveling to a new brewery and trying all they have to offer. If you want a reason to explore the great breweries of Minnesota and save some money on the brews you sample, check out the Northern Ale Guide 2018!

Going Places With The Northern Ale Guide 2018

Hit the road, explore Minnesota’s great brewing scene, and save money at each you visit. The Northern Ale Guide 2018 gets you buy one get one free pints and more, at breweries across our great state.

Filled with over 60 breweries, this passport for drink discounts is sure to offer some new places to explore, along with old favorites.

Each page list location information, hours, and brewers notes. Show up, get stamped, get a free pint when you buy a pint. It’s that simple.

Having a beer passport is a great way to encourage yourself to explore breweries around our state. It can inspire a weekend road trip or weekday taproom visit. I’m often finding myself flipping through the pages and heading off to check out spots I haven’t visited, inspired by this booklet.

Your Ticket To Brewery Travel

You love to check out new breweries and revisit your favorites. Why not save yourself some money while you do so, and inspire visits to awesome places in the process? The Northern Ale Guide 2018 is a great way to do both.

Grab your Northern Ale Guide 2018 today and explore the great state of Minnesota beer!

Inside The 2018 Northern Ale Guide