MiiR Tall Boy Pint Cup

Bottled or canned, craft beer should be poured into a glass for best enjoyment. This allows the beer to breathe and a good head of form, which gives the best aromatic experience. For those looking for a great drinking vessel that can go anywhere without risk of breaking, while also looking cool too, the MiiR Tall Boy Pint Cup is for you.

Made from medical grade stainless steel, the MiiR Tall Boy Pint Cup is designed to look like your favorite 16oz beer can. It’s clean and sleek, with a very sturdy feel (you won’t be crushing it like other cans). The rolled lip feels great as you sip and the cup gets nice and cold when a brew is poured inside. The MiiR logo imprinted on the side adds a nice touch to the overall look, which stands out from your typical beer glass. In addition to looking and functioning great, buying a MiiR cup also helps provide one person with clean drinking water for an entire year. You can enjoy your brew knowing you’re helping someone else get the live giving beverage they need too. The MiiR tall boy cup is light weight and durable, so it’s perfect to take camping or traveling.

For those looking for a great way to enjoy their favorite beverage, the MiiR Tall Boy Pint Cup is a must-have. The high quality cup along plus the knowledge that you’re helping to get someone else clean water, is a great combo. Get yourself one and add another awesome drinking vessel to your collection. You can find the MiiR Tall Boy Pint Cup on the MiiR website or order one now on Amazon.

MiiR Tall Boy Pint And Surly Bitter Brewer