Field Loop Bottle Opener

Everyone loves a great looking beer.  That perfect brew poured into the right glassware, sitting there and looking perfectly delicious.  But before you can pour that perfect glass, you need to open the bottle.  To get a great looking beer, why not use a great looking bottle opener.  The Loop Bottle Opener is beautifully designed and just the tool you need to get that beautiful brew.

The Loop bottle opener was designed by Oscar Diaz and is cast from pure 304 stainless steel in Milwaukee, WI.  The satin finish feels great in the hand and the weight is perfect.  Hefty enough that it feels well built (it’ll last as long as you do) but it still feels nicely balanced like a precision tool.  The Loop just feels great in your hand.  You don’t want to set it down.  You want to line-up a dozen bottles and pop the tops on all of them.  This is a bottle opener that will see lots of use and still always look great.  A stylish opener with a design that works anywhere.  From the backpack to the BBQ to the kitchen drawer, the Loop fits in everywhere and comes in handy anywhere you keep it.

A great beer deserves a great bottle opener and the Loop is certainly a great one.  With great design, awesome build quality and the utility you need to pop bottles for years, this is a sweet addition to any craft beer lover’s arsenal.  Add one to your collection too.  Order your Loop Bottle Opener from the Field website.

Loop Bottle Opener