Lil' Reds

Craft beer drinker and macro pounding frat boy alike, we’re all familiar with the red plastic cups that are a staple of any party, tailgating Sunday, college graduation, or other get together. These 16oz cups hold everything from craft beer to mixed drinks and are a must for beer pong. How about something a little different for the guests at your next party? Lil’ Reds party cups are micro sized versions of the cups that are so well known even country stars sing about them.

The Lil’ Reds are 1.75oz compared to the 16oz we’re use to and have all kinds of fun uses. They’re great for sample cups at your next beer tasting. You or one of your friends think they’re the beer pong king? How about a more challenging game with these tiny cups? They’re also the perfect size for taking shots or when you just want a little nip of something. ¬†Dessert shots?

The traditional red plastic cups have become synonymous with parties for years. Get some Lil’ Reds and I’m sure your friends will enjoy something a bit different than the same old party cups we’ve seen forever. Pickup your own Lil’ Reds on their website here and make sure to order more than you think you need as I’m sure your friends will want some of their own too.

Lil' Reds Cap