Kegerators rock.  What craft beer lover wouldn’t want to have cold beer on tap at home all the time?  Your favorite beer is readily available and no pesky bottle caps to open to get it.  But what happens when the keg suddenly runs out?  And what if you could track all your beer drinking greatness with ease?  The Kegbot tablet kegerator computer has you covered!

Kegbot is an Android tablet app, along with a microcontroller and flow sensor, to monitor your keg enjoyment.  Once setup, the Kegbot can tell you (and the world) what you have on tap, how many pints you’ve consumed, how many are left, and more.  The flow sensor keeps track of the beer and lets you see when that keg is going dry, long before you run out, and without the need to constantly open the kegerator up and give the keg a shake.  Set up account for yourself and friends and the Kegbot can track all of you.  It can also tweet when you drink to let you show everyone your great taste and drinkin’ ability.  It also links up with Untappd to allow you to track beers on the beer based social network.  Want to document your drinking greatness?  The Kegbot can even take pictures.  The software open-source so you can add anything you can think of too!

Having a beer at home is great and having your own kegerator is even better.  The Kegbot keeps track of all your keg drinking data and makes it even more fun to pull a pint of your homebrew or favorite craft brew.  See how much you’re drinking, know when it’s time to get a new keg, and share sessions with others online with this great gadget.  The Kegbot is currently in the final days of their Kickstarter project.  Hurry and get a great discount on this product and help them get these cool keg companions on store shelves.  It’s sure to impress all your friends and be a great kegerator addition.  Check out the Kegbot Kickstarter page to fund this project now.

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