Ka-Bar Bottle Opener

When it comes to military knives known the world over, no other stands out more than the KA-BAR. First adopted by the US Marine Corps in 1942, the knife design is one most will recognize even if they haven’t seen military service. While a knife can be used to get into your beer bottle in a pinch (we don’t recommend it), something more purpose-built will get the job done much better. For those that want that famous KA-BAR quality and look, the KA-BAR Ka-Barley bottle opener is just the tool to get the job done.

While KA-BAR knives are a must in the field, you need something more suited for civilian duty. The KA-BARLEY is still made of durable¬†Grivory and ready to see heavy action but with a more pleasurable line of work, popping bottles of your favorite craft beer. Pry-off or twist-off, the KA-BARLEY is equipped for the job. Add a paracord to complete the look and make it your own just as many do with their military knives. It’s a tool built the troops (of craft beer) can depend on.

Being prepared for any job is something the US military prides themselves on. It’s also something craft beer drinkers work to ensure when it comes to being able to get in a bottle of brew. The KA-BARLEY offers a tough design and the recognizable look anyone that served/serving in the military will enjoy. Head over to Amazon and grab yourself the KA-BAR KA-BARLEY Bottle Opener now.

The Ka-Bar Bottle Opener