Ice Block Cooler

Looking for a cool way to keep your favorite brews cold?  The Ice Block Cooler is just what you’re looking for.  Filled with a freezable gel, the Ice Block Cooler will keep your beers cold for 5 hours on a hot sunny day and 10+ hours when used inside.  The blue lights light up your cooler to show off your favorite craft beers and a built-in handle makes for easy carrying.

The inventor of this cool cooler was nice enough to send one over to checkout.  Flip it over for a minute to spread the gel out then throw it in the freezer for 6-8 hours to fully freeze things.  After that it’s time to load it up with some tasty treats and enjoy hours of cooling.  The cooler worked great for keeping cool beers cool while you drink them in the hot summer sun and also worked to chill warm beverages down to drinking temp.  The built-in carrying handle works great and folds down into the cooler when not in use.  Powered by several AA batteries, it gives your beers a cool blue glow.  The batteries can be left in while you freeze the cooler down to optimal beer cooling temperature.

Need another reason to get this cooler?  A portion of every Ice Block Cooler purchased goes to help fund treatment for those with autism.  The Ice Block Cooler is lit up in blue to help advance the “Light It Up Blue” for autism awareness campaign.

For bonus points, can you name the beers in the cooler in the pictures?  Hint for the rear right bottle: it’s a February release from a Michigan brewery.

Head over to checkout all the info on the Ice Block Cooler on their website and order one for yourself and your brews here.

Ice Block Cooler Handle