Many of us that enjoy a fine craft beer also enjoy a fine cigar.  Now what if you could combine those two loves?  That’s just what Ted’s Cigars has done with HOPZ™.  HOPZ are hop infused cigars that are seasoned with 100% Centennial hops.  While many pair a cigar with a hefty brew like a barleywine, an imperial stout or a baltic porter, the hops in HOPZ go great with your favorite IPA.

I got a couple free HOPZ to sample and this past weekend while out canoeing and fishing figured it was a great time to kick back and enjoy one.  Before lighting you can taste the hops nicely in these cigars and theres a touch if you give them a good sniff too.  Light them up and the hops are still present but not as much so.  A very smooth smoking Dominican cigar it was very enjoyable paired with a Summit Brewing 25th Silver Anniversary Ale.  The hops in the brew set off those in the cigar nicely and vise-versa.  I’ll definitely be grabbing a couple more for myself and to share with friends.

For those of us that don’t smoke cigars often it’s nice that they come in a glass tube and no humidor is required to keep them fresh.  Available in both Toro and Petite Corona sizes.  They also offer cigars infused with Maker’s Mark and Grand Marnier, Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky, Dumante Pistachio Liqueur plus they do co-branded cigars so you could have HOPZ cigars with your bar or brewery name on them too.