The Hop Blast

For many beer drinkers, hops are the most important ingredient there is. They’ll skip the malt filled stouts, the sours, the barrel-aged and big brews. Just give them those hop-filled IPAs. The more hops, the better the brew. But sadly, not all beers are the hop-bombs they seek. When the brew isn’t up to your hophead standards, the Hop Blast transforms any drink into a hop lover’s dream.

The Hop Blast is a little plastic hop holder that clips on the side of your glass. Packed with your favorite hops, it gives you a blast of hops in every sip. Since 80% of what we taste comes from smell, the Hop Blast can really change the overall experience of a beer, both in aroma and flavor.

The Hop Blast holds the hops up, out of the beer, and right below your nose as you drink for maximum aroma. Since the hops don’t come in contact with the liquid, they can be used again and again from glass to glass. Each Hop Blast pack comes with several varieties of hops, so that you can pick the ones you love the most. Refill packs are cheap and offer plenty of hops to keep you smelling good for quite a while.

In addition to adding a hoppy blast to your brew, it can be a great way to familiarize yourself with different hop varieties. Simply clip the Hop Blast to the edge of a glass of Miller Lite and see how the hops you choose impact the aroma and flavor.

Those looking for the most aromatic experience will always seek out the biggest India pale ales and DIPAs they can find. When you can’t get your hands on them but still want something hoppy, the Hop Blast offers a great way to add that aroma and flavor you crave to any beer.  Hop over to the Hop Blast website and order yours today to start hopboxing your brew.

Hop Blast On A Beer