Small jar of Harper's Hops Aged Sweet Tobacco Oil-based Pomade on a table.

We love hops. Those brilliant beauties of the bine bring the fruity flavors, bitterness, and amazing aromas we love in a beer, but that’s not their only use. Hops can be used for so much more than brew. You don’t need to just drink them, you can wear them.

Harper’s Hops crafts hair and facial hair products using those little lupulin nuggets. I’ve used their Aged Sweet Tobacco Oil-based Pomade in my hair for months, and I really love it.

Aged Sweet Tobacco Oil-based Pomade

Until now, I’ve used wax-based pomades in my hair for years. While oil-based often have better holding power, they also have a tendency to be greasy, harder to work with, and sticky stuff. None of that is true with Harper’s Hops.

When I first began to use it, I was amazed at how little you actually need. While the process is the same (rub your fingertips in the product and then finger into your hair), the amount of product is almost immeasurable. It seems as if your fingers pick up nothing, but a quick touch through the hair and it’s clear how much you do get from it. Even after a couple of months of use, it’s hard to notice the product disappearing. For the price, it’ll last a long long time. I’ve been using it for about 4 months now in the photo below, and it’s really only down a little bit in the middle.

The look and hold are perfect. When I’d first get my hair cut, I’d need to double down if I wanted to control the short hairs. No problem with the Aged Sweet Tobacco Oil-based Pomade. But it’s not sticky or gross. My hair isn’t greasy or rock-hard. It’s still soft and you can run your fingers through it without issue. Bounces back and even survive a light rain shower. Your pillow doesn’t need to be replaced due to stains or sticking to your head either.

Styling is simple. Put a bit in and do your thing. It holds its spot and dries fairly quickly. Some others have taken much longer to dry and don’t keep the immediate style without a lot of work. Not the case here.

It also works well even with dryer hair. My typical routine is to style my hair after getting out of the shower and then brush my teeth. That’s been fine but when I would add shaving to that, my hair would get dry enough that typical pomade didn’t like to work well. Aged Sweet Tobacco Oil-based Pomade works perfectly even after my hair has dried a good bit.

And now let’s talk smell. This stuff has a beautiful aroma. As the title says, you get a great aged sweet tobacco smell, that’s light when applying, hangs around for a few minutes, and then is gone as you’re heading out the door. Just enough to envelop you and make you smile, without feeling like you have to add some other scent to cover it up as you exit the house.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s the hops. They aren’t just great for adding aroma and flavor to beer, they also have other benefits. They’re great for your hair. Some fun minerals and oils rubbed right into the spots you need them.

Great Hops and Hair

This Aged Sweet Tobacco Oil-based Pomade from Harper’s Hops has quickly become my favorite hair product. I honestly wasn’t expecting it, but it’s replaced the others I’ve used and will continue to be the one I choose when this jar runs dry (which seems like years from now at the pace it goes).

Check out Harper’s Hops and their awesome line of hair products. From hair pomades to beard oils, they’ve got hop-infused action that’s great for hair and great for your look.

A small glass jar of Harper's Hops Aged Sweet Tobacco Oil-based Pomade open on a table.