Lansky Bottle Opener Sharpener

We love tools that serve more than one purpose.  Anything that can do the work of two things rather than just one is almost always more convenient in our book.  When it comes to our beer gadgets, the same holds true.  Every beer lover needs plenty of bottle openers and a gadget that isn’t just a bottle opener is always better.  So how can we cut down on kitchen clutter and still pop bottles?  The Lanky Hammerhead knife sharpener keeps your cutlery and bottles popped.

The Hammerhead Knife Sharpener & Opener fro Lansky brings together a great beer bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, and a high quality knife sharpener from one of the best known sharpening companies in the world.  This tool is perfect for popping bottles and keeping things sharp not just in the kitchen but also in the outdoors.  It’s great for tackle boxes where you need to keep that fish filet knife razor sharp and also need to open plenty of beers while you’re on the water (it floats too so no worries about losing it overboard).  The sharpener offers a carbide blade to do the initial sharpening and then a ceramic sharpener to finely finish the job for a surgical slice.

Camping, BBQing, tailgating, boating, or at home, craft beer lovers always need a bottle opener handy and the added benefits of having the tools to keep your knifes sharp is a great addition.  How else do you plan on cutting up all that tasty cheese and meats for your beer tasting snacks?  Grab a Lansky Hammerhead Knife Sharpener & Bottle Opener and keep your knives sharp and bottles open and flowing.

Lansky Bottle Opener