Growler On Board

Growlers.  What craft beer lover doesn’t like 64oz of their favorite local craft brew fresh from the brewery?  They offer a great reusable package for toting around delicious beer and hold enough to share with friends.  The problem much of the time is that actual transportation of them.  Growler glass isn’t the thickest around and it can shatter if you’re not careful.  Transporting your growlers just became a lot easier with the Growler On Board.  The Growler On Board holds 3 growlers while on the go, preventing them from banging into each other or other things.

Some of us have sad stories about broken growlers in transport.  Mine happened with a growler of Minneapolis Rock Bottom Berzerk Malt Liquor brewed by, now Surly Brewing brewer, Todd Haug.  Having no place to stash the growler in the back of the loaner truck, I placed them on the passenger side floor.  While going around the first corner, one growler went into the other causing it to explode and send the wonderful aroma of malt liquor all over the cab of the truck.  If only I’d had a Growler On Board at the time, I would have had more tasty brew to drink up at the cabin that weekend.

In addition to holding full growlers, the hole in the bottom of each growler holding area allows you to flip rinsed out growlers mouth into so they growler can dry out upside-down.  You want to keep those growlers nice and clean so your refills taste as good as the brewer intended.

Growlers are a great way to drink fresh brew and support local breweries.  Getting them home is the most hazardous part of their journey from the brewery to your belly.  Keep them safe with a Growler On Board available here.

Growler On Board In Car